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What Is IAM? | How To Use IAM | The Concept of IAM

What is IAM?

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a web service that helps you securely control access to AWS resources. With IAM, you can centrally manage permissions that control which AWS resources users can access. You use IAM to control who is authenticated (signed in) and authorized (has permissions) to use resources.

What is AWS Identity?

AWS Identity allow your identity administrators to create users directly in AWS or to connect to an existing identity source.

Components of IAM in AWS?

  • Access Management.

  • Identity Governance and Administration.

  • Privileged Access Management.

  • Customer IAM.

  • Adjacent Technologies.

Benefits of IAM

IAM technologies can be used to initiate, capture, record, and manage user identities and their related access permissions in an automated manner. An organization gains the following IAM benefits:

Access privileges are granted according to policy, and all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized, and audited.

Companies that properly manage identities have greater control of user access, which reduces the risk of internal and external data breaches.

Automating IAM systems allows businesses to operate more efficiently by decreasing the effort, time, and money that would be required to manually manage access to their networks.

In terms of security, the use of an IAM framework can make it easier to enforce policies around user authentication, validation, and privileges, and address issues regarding privilege creep.

IAM systems help companies better comply with government regulations by allowing them to show corporate information is not being misused. Companies can also demonstrate that any data needed for auditing can be made available on demand.

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