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Xashy Inc
Technical Solutions

Build and Transform Digital Experience

Who We Are

An Entrenched Culture of Goal

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Our future’s greatest goals/expectations largely depend on innovators who create and transform our complex world via technology. We are completely engaged in hands-on cooperators, entrenched in in-depth values and passionate about precipitating positive change for our clients, communities and the entire globe.

A lucrative world of opportunities awaits the enlightened. We look forward to partnering with you. We focus on developing solutions that transform your technology stack, business and/or your workforce or environment.

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Story Of Achievement  

A Polaroid of Support in the Virtual Workplace                                      

 Making sure their achievements hold out the publicity, our social media experts develop scalable IT support for improved end-user experience and business excellence.

Achievement Story

Envisioning Healthy Data

Learn how Xashy Inc  helped Regenstrief Institute build data models to support improved patient outcomes.


Our Services

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From providing to reprograming to rebuilding, Xashy will help you hold AWS to its fullest potential in order to meet your business objectives.


Application Modernization

Extenuate your applications to innovate swiftly using cloud-endemic architecture that truly maximizes the benefits of the cloud.


AWS Cloud/Devops  Engineering

With Xashy's counsel, you can transfigure your business into a data-oriented organization that procures critical insights and replies promptly.


Application Development

Xashy builds and runs applications in the Clouds to take advantage of the built-in potentialities that allow your institution to retort to the market quicker.


Safety & Conformity

Xashy will device  blueprints, commands, procedures and automations to protect your data and framework from menaces.



Xashy builds and runs applications in the Cloud to take advantage of the built-in capabilities that permit your organization to retaliate to the market faster.

Xashy trains and mentors Cloud and DevOps Engineers to adequately potential, thereby supplying the ever-needy IT markets 


Transformational technologies dictate transformative partnerships. Full-stack capabilities coupled with profundity and assortment of experience in leading platforms help organizations innovate and thrive.

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