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Corporate Training

Learn modern tech skills the way you learn best. Our cooperate training courses offer technical deep dives into the latest tech and help you prep for your tech career while our Hands-on Labs let you learn skills by doing them yourself. Not sure where to turn? Let our Learning Paths guide you from novice to expert in your chosen specialty.


  • Free Basic Computer

    May 8, 2023 - Jun 8, 2023 • 47 Participants


  • AWS Cloud & DevOps Bootcamp

    Apr 27, 2023 - Oct 31, 2023 • 60 Participants

    $4,000.00 or Monthly Installments

  • AWS Cloud & DevOps Course

    Jan 31, 2023 - Jul 30, 2023 • 115 Participants

    $4,000.00 or Monthly payments



"The teachers are actual engineers and architects in the industry; so, the teaching is based on the everyday activities performed at their jobs. The tutors also keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies introduced by AWS in real-time. Very detailed notes and architectural diagrams are provided which are housed in google drive for access anytime."
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