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Cloud Consulting Services

Get the Most Value out of

Cloud Investments!

Xashy makes sure that your organization gets maximum benefit from the cloud at any step of your cloud adoption journey.


Cloud consulting is a go-to service for organizations looking to establish a robust cloud infrastructure or improve their existing cloud environments. Xashy Inc designs cloud strategy develops efficient cloud-native apps and cloud data warehouses, migrate legacy infrastructures to the cloud, etc

Cloud Deployments We Handle


Public cloud consulting services

Private cloud consulting services

Hybrid cloud consulting services

Enjoy ease of use and maintenance, flexible pricing, and near-unlimited scalability.

Leverage superior security and privacy and zero latency for local apps.

Combine the best of two worlds: public and private clouds.


Multi-cloud consulting services

Capitalize on the unique offers from a variety of cloud vendors.

Clouds We Work With

With the growing diversity of offerings from different cloud providers, it’s often difficult and time-consuming for an organization to pick out the best-fitting cloud option. Being vendor-neutral, Xashy weighs the pros and cons of all major clouds to help you find the best solution for your unique needs.


Adopt the Cloud with Certified Experts


Please briefly outline your cloud-related needs, and we will reach you within 30mins to discuss your case in more detail

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What You Get from Cloud Computing Consulting

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Cloud adoption

Cloud adoption strategy to plan, prioritize, and schedule IT infrastructure migration, cloud-native app, and cloud data warehouse development.

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Feasibility assessment 

Feasibility assessment of your cloud initiatives that include TCO and ROI estimation.


Consultations for the

Consultations for the C-suite to help understand the benefits and challenges of cloud migration or cloud-native development, define the skills and trainings required for the project’s success, choose the right cloud services.

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Design & development 

Legacy infrastructure 

Cloud and hybrid 

Design and development of cloud apps and data warehouses including IT infrastructure design and CI/CD pipelines design.

Legacy infrastructure migration to the cloud via rehosting, replatforming, refactoring.

Design and development of cloud apps and data warehouses including IT infrastructure design and CI/CD pipelines design.

Want to Score with Cloud Likewise?

Tell us about your needs, and we’ll return with a working cloud solution for your specific case.

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